Monique Malinge

Monique Malinge






Monique Malinge was born in the countryside of the French city of Angers. Trees, grape vines and hills filled the landscapes of her childhood and inspired her first drawings and paintings…


Today she lives by the Loire, a superb river which revealed her passion for water. The mystery of its riverbanks and its “boires*”, the depth of its reflections, the distant blues, are far more for her than just a travel on water, they “feed” her imagination, her need for escape… 

Many travels, especially in Italy, gifted her with different color harmonies, and her artistic research comes through our marvellous and sometimes unsettling world.


The desire to paint never left her. So she attended classes, a diversity of private workshops, for many years… and she discovered the pleasure of painting with watercolors and from nature, and the pleasure of painting with oils, guided by passionate and generous professionals.


Today, free from her school teaching activities, she can entirely dedicate herself to her passion.

Painting is a true joy, but, according to her, it is also           “a teacher to humility”...



*a section of the Loire which can be dry part of the year    

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